Cattle Exchange credit rates

We exchange cattle on a Share basis or Full Process basis.

Share basis

Pay no killing charge and get a share of the dressed weight in Medallion Farmer Exchange (FX) Credits

Full Process basis

Pay a killing charge of 0.65c per kg and get a larger Share of the dressed weight back in Medallion Farmer Exchange (FX) Credits

Share Credit Rates – Cattle

Animal Kill charge Share Example – 210 kg Dressed result
Ordinary beast on Share basis $ Nil 70 % of dressed weight 147 Exchange credits
Skinny beast, between CS1 and CS3 $ Nil 50 % of dressed weight 105 Exchange credits

See Medallion dog food product range and credit rates for the redemption value of the Medallion Farmer Exchange (FX) credits against each of the Medallion dog food products offered under the service.

Farmer Exchange